Those of any faith or none are welcome to silent meditation in the Christian tradition and gentle Bible reading (Lectio Divina). The time begins with a simple welcome, a short opportunity to share a poem or thought before being gently led into 20 minutes silent meditation. After a break for refreshments a gentle reading of a Bible passage allowing silence in between each reading to allow every one to hear if any particular word or phrase resonates with them.We meet every week in St Mary’s Church including tomorrow – Friday 1st February at 10am.  Further dates are below

Dates 2019

Friday 1st February

Thursday 7th February

Saturday 16th February

Thursday 21st February

Saturday 2nd March

Thursday 7th March

Saturday 16th March

Thursday 21st March

Saturday 30th March

Thursday 4th April

Friday 12th April

Saturday 20th April – VSR

Saturday 27th April

Thursday 2nd May

Friday 10th May

Thursday 16th May

Saturday 25th May

Thursday 30th May

Friday 7th June

Thursday 13th June

Friday 21st June

Thursday 27th June

Friday 5th July

Thursday 11th July

Saturday 20th July

Thursday 25th July

Friday 2nd August

Thursday 8th August

Saturday 17th August

Thursday 22nd August

Friday 30th August

Thursday 5th September

Saturday 14th September

Saturday 21st September

Friday 27th September

Thursday 3rd October

Saturday 12th October

Thursday 17th October

Friday 25th October

Thursday 31st October

Saturday 9th November

Thursday 14th November

Saturday 23rd November

Thursday 28th November

Saturday 7th December

Thursday 12th December

Friday 20th December

Saturday 28th December

2020   Thur. 2nd Jan. 2010   Fri. 10th Jan.