I look to the horizon,

Misted, shrouded,

Sky and land become one

And I wonder,

What is over there?

Where is the future?

What is the future?

Where is the distinction

Between now and then?

My eyes cannot see

The outline indistinct.

But my restless spirit

Yearns for the unseen,

For the unknowable future.

But then, looking down,

A secret flower has emerged

From the good earth

And emerald grass


Where my foot almost trod,

A growing, intricate bloom.

And so my heart

A moment ago

Had searched

For the unseen future


For here at my feet

Is the future–now—

Dressed in simple beauty

At my feet,

So near–

And in the silence—-

—-my heart is moved

To look within

With thankful praise

And know the horizon

Is just a breath away,

A step that leads to peace.

by Eileen Piper