The Church continues to be alive and active, but our buildings are closed for now…

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday 23rd March, the Archbishops wrote to the clergy supporting the measures requiring that churches must now close for both private worship and public service, the buildings are to be locked.  This was done throughout the benefice with much sadness and with the hope that they will be allowed open once again for people to pause in as soon as possible.  In the meantime we are encouraging one another to connect via the phone, social media, computer and finding ways of supporting one another and the community we live in.   Through prayer and, where possible, acts of kindness we will help each other through this time of difficulty.

One of Richard Rohrs daily meditation this week included a quote from Dr Barbara Holmes

‘We cannot face large-scale crises as individuals; we cannot carry the pain of this reality on our own, nor can we only look out for ourselves. The pain is communal and so too must be the response.’

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