Day 55 Revd Tim Heaton’s Thought for the Day

All over the countryside the hawthorn blossom sits like snow on its boughs. The May Tree, symbol of new life, fertility and rebirth, whose blossoming branches (“may”) were woven into May Day crowns.

I’m sure I’ve read somewhere – though I can’t find it now – that the hawthorn hosts more species of insect than any other of our native trees. It really is the bugs’ best friend. So if you’re thinking of planting a tree, just one tree, maybe it should be a hawthorn.

We’re lucky enough to have one in our back garden, the veg patch, where I reckon it helps maintain the population of ladybirds and other beneficial insects that feed on aphids and plant lice, getting the balance of nature right. Anyway, enjoy the may. 

Alleluia. Christ is risen. He is risen indeed. Alleluia.